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October 29, 2012
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Tairu the Panda by super-tuler Tairu the Panda by super-tuler
Sooooo my friend *Bowser81889 said it would be neat to see what Tairu would look like in the sonic universe.

Focus was the colouring, and second focus was the thickness and thinness of the lines which seemed to be very distinctive for Sonic a few years back. (Adventure and Advance series etc)

I'm a huge sonic fan, so this was fun for me. :D

Art and Tairu ~super-tuler

Background isn't much of a sonic style. Maybe he's in Canada, witness the pure nothingness. *cricket*

I tried, but not sure if I got it exact. Didn't use real vector for this, just used a brush and a pentool for the bg.

(quick edit: took out the cheap halftones and made the background more colourful)
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CaptainDeadpool15 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, you look good in sonic style ^^.
CaseyDecker Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Your character looks very nice and cool in this picture you've done, man. :D
Jeromedynasty Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gotta Go FAST!!!
rhythmicShooter Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
Tairu looks so cute here!! <3
jazzart9 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
looks like Knuckles :P!
ippikiokamiXIII Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
for the past couple of recent posts that you have, it looks like your experimenting with the different styles other than your own. i like the idea that youre going outside your comfort zone and trying new things. even though this is, like you said, a sonic style type of artwork, it still has enough traces of "you" that it becomes your original work. i just like e different variation of styles you have in your gallery.
Bowser81889 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh boy, why didn't I get to see this sooner? I feel like such an idiot for not seeing it until now. :iconotlplz:

That was really nice of you to mention me in the description, dude. Thanks a lot! It's really cool to finally see this idea put into action after all these years later. It had to be done--seriously, how many panda characters do you actually get to see Sonic-fied? You're the first, if you ask me. Or if not, the best. Standing tall and striking a ready pose full of attitude is one of the classic qualities to the series, and it seems Tairu nails it down to a T--rather literally at that. No doubt in my mind the style has been near-perfectly emulated and it's got the traditional heart and soul of a Tuler masterpiece.

Great job, dude. Thanks for making my night.
Aistar Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012   General Artist

Crimson9876 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
heh. heh heh. he has big arms. dB
nlyon76 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
Does he have one billion ability?
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